As we enter a new decade, it’s evident that the workplace of the future is here, and it’s a lot more flexible than before. Whether we’re in the startup or corporate, nonprofit or creative class, most of us are busting out of the rigidity of 9-to-5. We’re no longer quite as desk-bound, thanks in large part to smart phones, the cloud, and virtual everything. 

But technological advancements can’t take all the credit. There’s another force at work here, driving the revolution in our professional lives. 

That force is women.

More and more women are making it to the top in existing companies or building their own successful ones. From the CEO of yahoo, to fashion designers, powerful females are growing in numbers each year as the work force becomes flooded with more smart, strong and empowered women with a desire to make it to the top.

Women are no more confined to home. The entrepreneurial capacity of women has made a mark in many fields including industrial segment. It is time to foster and harness the entrepreneurship of women in a big way.

The emergence of entrepreneurs in a society depends to a great extent, on the economic, social, religious, cultural and psychological factors prevailing in the society. In the advanced countries of the world, there is a phenomenal increase in the number of self-employed women. In the U.S., women own 25% of all businesses, even though their sales on an average are less, than two-fifths of those of other small businesses. In Canada, one-third of small businesses are owned by women and in France it is one-fifth. In the U.K., since 1980, the number of self-employed women has increased three times as fast as the number of self-employed men.

Women Entrepreneurs have been making a significant impact in all segments of economy of the world. Their willingness for the future is apparent in their growing confidence, in their strengths and in their desire to seek different forms of work in order to achieve a new balance between work and home.