HI, I’m Ajay Ajmera!

When it comes to the leading name in the Textile Industry, one name that leads in the market is none other than Ajay Ajmera. He has gained a good title in this domain, all because of his efforts and diligence towards his work in this industry. He is known for his never give up attitude that has brought him on the pedestal. He was born on 9th July 1973 in Sikar district from the Indian state of Rajasthan. His father has always been his role model. After completing his B.Sc. in Mathematics in his hometown, he left to seek his fortunes. He believes that when we come from nothing, we have nothing to lose. The key is to be true to yourself and live your life consistent with your highest values and aspirations. This mindset helped him achieve success in the real world.

With the noble intention to create employment and, thereby, help to ameliorate the unemployment situation in the country, Ajay Ajmera set up his business 27 years ago. He believes that when you set out to accomplish something, you must have a very strong motivation behind your intention and you are bound to achieve your goal. He believes in his efforts and feels that the combination of endeavor with a bit of luck can change the world.

Today, he is the proud owner of a company- Ajmera Fashion, which is reputed to be one of the top names in saree manufacturing. He has been bestowed with numerous awards and recognition, including the Rashtriya Vikas Ratan Award by the National Achievers Recognition Forum – 2019, The Most Promising Women Designer Clothes Manufacturers of the Year (Gujarat) by World Signature Awards – 2019, The Leading Women Designer Clothes Manufacturer of the Year (Gujarat) by ISPA International Product and Service Awards – 2019, The Most Quality Product of the Year (Manufacturer of Sarees) by Pragati International Service Excellence Awards – 2018-19, amongst many others.

ajay ajmera


CEO & Founder

A Note From Ajmera’s Pillar

Hello everyone. Ajmera fashion is an India based company located in Surat, Gujarat. We provide high-quality products to  our customers not only in Surat, India but also in other  countries too. The reason behind the superiority in the  fashion industry is because we always believed in ourselves  and worked unconditionally towards our dreams. We believe  that when someone wants something enthusiastically, they  will accomplish it. It was not an overnight success for us but  we stuck to our work and today we are what you all can see.  We want every youth to know how success looks like, this  thought made us a motivational speaker. As I look into the  past decades or even our struggling phase – it was a period  of profound economic change. It is remarkable how Ajmera  fashion has accomplished not only in terms of financial  performance but also steadfast dedication for client  satisfaction. The dream we had is what we are living now and  looking forward to grow more with all the associated clients.


He is always hopeful about future and always expect good things to happen.


He is honest and always follows good moral standards.


He is an igniter of skills, dreams, visions, aspirations and potentials.


He has accomplished many things through hardwork and dedication.